What is TMLSS?

Transylvanian Machine Learning Summer School is a one-week summer school around core topics regarding machine learning and artificial intelligence. The summer school includes both lectures and practical sessions (labs) to improve the theoretical and practical understanding of these topics. The school is organized in English and is aimed in particular at graduate students, although it is open to anyone interested in the topic. The first edition of the school will be focused on deep learning and reinforcement learning.

Why are we organizing TMLSS?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become major topics in both academia and industry, with a tremendous potential to impact our everyday life. While a lot of progress happened in the last decade, this progress has been localized in a few places in USA, Canada or Western Europe.

Our main aim is to popularize topics around machine learning and artificial intelligence more broadly in Europe and specifically in Eastern Europe, and to encourage research in these fields.

We firmly believe in equality and diversity and we wish to improve the access of everyone interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We strive to have a diverse list of lecturers and students, with researchers operating in Eastern Europe and in well established research centers around the world. We hope this school will create an additional communication channel bridging the gaps between different communities.

Code of conduct

The NIPS code of conduct adapted for our school here: we decided to follow this code of conduct and everyone involved in this school is required to follow it: organizers, speakers, participants, sponsors, volunteers.

Contact information

Please write to us at contact@tmlss.ro.