Schedule at a glance

TMLSS Schedule

Lab sessions

  • Introduction to Tensor Flow (1 session): David Szepesvari
  • Convolutional Neural Networks and Computer Vision (1 session): Viorica Patraucean
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (1 session): Wojtek Czarnecki
  • Generative Models (1 session): Mihaela Rosca
  • Reinforcement Learning (1 session): Diana Borsa

Preparing for the school

  • The practical sessions use Python, Tensorflow, Sonnet. The first practical session on Monday is an introductory one. We put online the exercises for this first session here and we highly recommend you to go through the exercises before getting to the school, to familiarize yourself with the environment used at the school.
  • For a refresher on background knowledge for the summer school, we would suggest participants to look over:

Industry keynotes

  • Amazon: Andrei Sucila, Applied Machine Learning Scientist
  • CuriousAI: Isabeau PrĂ©mont-Schwarz and Hotloo Xiranood, Research Scientists
  • DeepMind: Raia Hadsell, Research Scientist
  • Everseen: speaker TBC
  • Intel: Sofiane Yous, Lead Architect for Deep Learning Technology
  • Siemens: Lucian Itu (Siemens Corporate Technology) and Florin Ghesu (Siemens Healthineers), Research Scientists